Dolphins on the Moon

A selection of short stories that will make you think, and then think again. And maybe even keep on thinking.  Like catching a glimpse of your life reflected in a cracked mirror, or hearing a recording of yourself saying something you know you never said, but wish you had. Gather all the moments and write them on autumn leaves, lay them out on a windy day, until you have half-told stories that need to be finished, and half-asked questions which you know you must answer. They will return, as crumpled dust on the wind, or as full-grown oaks that block your way. Listen carefully and you will hear the voice within asking you what your life has taught the world.

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The Hope Merchant

If you could rekindle the lost hopes and dreams in just one person's life, who would that person be?

The Hope Merchant is a magical tale that takes place on a small dairy farm, in an odd shop down a neglected alley, in a psychiatric hospital, and on the biggest 
stage there is: the human heart.

Raised on a farm, Theo Meyer is a curious teenager. Yet Theo is anything but typical. He has learned to listen, and to fix things, things that few others even know exist.

One day, Theo leaves the farm to set up shop in the big city. The sign on the front door reads, The Hope Merchant, and the only people who find his shop are those whose faded hopes have all but vanished, snatched up by the grinding demands of life. Once inside the curious shop, their journey begins.

And the Hope Merchant is not alone. There are others like him. They are the ones that confront the suffering that ravages so many broken hearts, and rail against the injustice and evil that have been given free reign in the world.

But the Hope Merchant has grown old, and an apprentice must be found to carry on.

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For a free sample, please send me an email with "Free sample - Hope Merchant" in the subject line