Like catching a glimpse of your life reflected in a cracked mirror, or hearing a recording of yourself saying something you know you never said, but wish you had. Gather all the moments and write them on autumn leaves, lay them out on a windy day, until you have half-told stories that need to be finished, and half-asked questions which you know you must answer. They will return, as crumpled dust on the wind, or as full-grown oaks that block your way. Listen carefully and you will hear the voice within asking you what your life has taught the world. Ten stories, each with a twist or two to keep the reader guessing. Sometimes, fiction is the truest reality there is. And like the rabbit pulling a magician out of a hat, life, like magic, is rarely what it seems.

Can’t Connect: When things don’t work exactly as they should, when your car breaks down or your phone breaks, have you ever asked yourself why? Sometimes, it can be a gift, pushing you towards what you really need in your life.



Blind Date: A resident of an old-age home sets out on a very special mission: an annual date. His intentions are honorable, but the meeting is painful for his partner, bringing up memories she would forget. Though we would rather not face it, the source of our greatest joy can also be the font of our bitterest tears.


No Jews Allowed: A man sits down to breakfast at his favorite diner like he has done thousands of times before, but now the owner won't serve him because he is Jewish. Is it a simple case of anti-Semitism or is it something much more?


Icarus Flew Higher: A child is born with a birth defect, but this defect is becoming common. Can a defect be a blessing? Can it even be evolution taking mankind higher? This story expresses my ideas about education; how the system is mishandling ADD, and the wondrously problematic new generation.


A Kindly Hand, Wrinkled and Warm: What if doing good was good for you, like vitamins for the soul, granting long-life as a byproduct? Have you checked your spiritual health lately?


Magic Car: This is about the terrifying power of prayer. An excerpt from my yet-to-be-published novel, Sihara, that became a short story about prayer and its ability to change the world.


Carnival at the End of the Day:  A carnival is a chance for people to connect and have fun. Or is it? What if there is an underlying purpose that is so dire it must be intentionally forgotten? The world is a strange place, and as strange as the carnival may seem, this story is based on real events.


A Conversation on Central Park South: Small decisions can be points-of-no-return. Hanging up on someone can lead to a life of misery...which may just be the best decision: painful at the time and morally wrong, but it may offer the most amazing rewards. But only maybe.


Vic Delivers: A quiet old man coping with a terminal disease and a young biker trying to figure out why he is angry at life meet and discover they have more in common than it first appeared.


Dolphins on The Moon: I keep an appointment with an old friend after his suicide. He needs to explain why he took such drastic action in his life. I understand and forgive, but when he invites me to join him, I hesitate. Though this is fiction and didn’t really happen exactly as I told it, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t occasionally tempted to join him.