Finding material that engages young readers is becoming increasingly difficult in an era when educators are competing with handheld accessibility to the internet. I firmly believe that at least some of the challenges that face teens today are universal and eternal. And they are scary. Drowning out their fears in social media buzz is simply not working, but young people have been advertised away from seeking mentors or wisdom in their vision quest of life. The best education begins with curiosity, but millions of answers available in a microsecond via Google, junk-food knowledge is confused with wisdom.


My book, Dolphins on the Moon, has stories that raise questions like:

-Why is love sometimes painful?

-How so small decisions change my entire life?

-Life should be wonderful, but mine isn't so what do I do?

-What do I do with my anger?

-Are work and possessions enough?

-How do my morality and soul intersect with other people?

-If I fail out school and don't fit in, does that mean I am a failure and less good?

-Is doing good worth anything?

 -What is prayer?


These are only some of the themes, and my readers tend to find many more. I would like to send you a story or two, and then, if possible and if you like, connect via Skype to have a video meeting with your students. My motives are to gain experience and to make my name and my stories known enough that I can begin to do this for a full-time living.


To be really honest, that is not my motive, but I had to say that because we all are living in a culture that does not trust 'free'. I serve a higher master, and my stories come through me, not from me. Writing is something I am compelled to do, but meeting others and discussing life is something I want to do. Money, by nature, is ephemeral and for the time being, my bills are being paid. As a writer, interaction with curious minds and hungry souls is my bread and butter. If this all sounds too flaky and weird, please see the above reason and forget you ever read this. 


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An Opportunity for Educators and Book Clubs to Consider
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For Book Clubs


I am happy to meet with book clubs. It is that simple. If you want a sample short story or chapter, please contact me. Skype and an international cellular phone plan make this painless.


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